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The pattern is written in US terms

Olivier will be 12 cm/4.7″ long, made with hook size 2.5

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  1. Amy (verified owner)

    Hi there!
    Please may I ask how I get the English version of the elephant “Olivier”? Could you email it to me?
    Thank you so much! Your work is fantastic!

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Amy, you can just order the pattern like all the other patterns. When you’re done you can download the pattern from this site or wait for the mail with the download-link. Just make sure you are on the English pages of the site (click on the ‘EN’ at the top).



    • christel (verified owner)

      No, I’m sorry. The pattern is only available in Dutch, German and English.

  3. viktoria

    Please can i hate the german Version of “Olivier” the elephant? Could you email it to me?
    Thank you so much!

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hello Viktoria,
      If you order ‘Olivier’ on the German pages of the website (click on the ‘DE’ at the top) you will automatically receive the German version.

  4. Bevela Phipps (verified owner)

    hello, I am doing the trunk and get to row 13 where it says 6 times (1sc, 2sc into the next st), 6 sc (24sc). can you explain this better? Do i do 3 sc into the next stitch, then sc 6 and repeat?

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hello Bevela,
      You have to make 1 sc, then 2 sc into the next stitch (so you use 2 stitches) and repeat this 6 times. There are 6 stitches left then. You have to make 1 sc in each of this 6 stitches.

  5. Rike

    Hi Christel,
    I don´t understand how I can “order” a pattern. Is there a douwnload button somewhere?
    I hope you can help me and thank you for sharing this cute pattern for free. 😉

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Rike, if you click on the green button ‘add to cart’ and then at the grey button ‘view cart’ you will be led to the checkout-page where you can order the pattern.

  6. Rike

    Hi Christel, thank you very much, it worked! 🙂

  7. Josephine (verified owner)

    Hi Christel,
    I have almost completed your beautiful elephant, however I have a problem with the second ear. How to you do you invert the ear so it it identical to the first ear, but one the other side of the head?
    All the best, Josephine

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Josephine, the ears are crocheted in rows, so you don’t have a front or a back side. You can just turn one ear, before you sew it onto the head.

  8. Monica

    Hi Christel,
    I don´t know how to get to the elephant pattern. I don´t find any link that takes me there. Could you please explain me how to get to the wonderful piece of yours? Thanks in advance, Monica

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Monica,
      After you finished ordering the pattern (click on ‘add to cart’ and then ‘view cart’) you will come to a page with order details. It says ‘Product: Olivier’ and then ‘Download: Olivier’. The black underlined word ‘Olivier’ after ‘Download’ is the downloadlink. If you click on it the pattern will automatically be downloaded on your computer. You also receive an email with the downloadlink. This time it’s purple underlined.

  9. amanda (verified owner)

    how do i get the pattern after i have ordert it? i cant fint it

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Amanda, the downloadlink is in the mail you received.
      It’s the purple underlined word ‘Olivier’.

  10. pogmo84

    Question. Love this little elephant so far. But I’m wondering on Round 7. of the hind legs. It reads, 6dc, 3sc, 6sl, 3sc (=18 sc) Are these the correct stitches? Mine is looking a little funny. Thanks!!

    • christel (verified owner)

      Hi Pogmo84, these are the right stitches. The hind legs have a little bend, therefore you make the dc and sl in this row.

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